2019 ATOA CNT Conference and Competition April 25 & 26, 2019


2019 ATOA CNT Conference and Competition April 25 & 26, 2019


Christ Church of the Valley
CCV 7007 W. Happy Valley Rd.
Peoria, AZ 85383

Conference Schedule

Crisis Negotiation Conference Day

  • Date: April 25th, 2019
  • Times: 0800-1700; Lunch included to all participants
  • Location: Christ’s Church of the Valley7007 W Happy Valley Road, Peoria AZ; Building 4000
  • Agenda:
    • Incident Debrief:

Chief Deputy Timothy Phillips,  Roane County Sheriff’s Office, TN

Synopsis –              A shooting call came out at a residence that all the responding officers knew was the residence of a retired officer.  It was known that the retired officer and his wife like to drink and that would lead to domestic issues.  Considering the history at the residence and the history of the subjects involved, the responding officers expected a volatile and unpredictable situation


When the officers arrive, they were immediately faced with a tactical disadvantage; the house being located on a hillside with a long driveway and a shooting victim located at the rear of the residence.  Alex, the retired officer, was positioned in a window facing the driveway.  The officers put themselves at risk trying to get to the victim.  At the same time deputies kept the attention of Alex, while the other deputies rescued the victim.  After the victim was transported, the focus turned to Alex who was intoxicated and was displaying a range of emotions. 


Most of the communications were conducted through a window on the main floor of the house and occasionally through a cell phone.  The negotiators faced difficulties trying to negotiate with someone they knew, a fellow officer, who had the same training they did.  Hearing about the incident, the communications center was challenged with friends and family members wanting to lend their assistance; yet, unknowingly, hindering progress.  

  • Incident Debrief:

Victor Torres
Ft. Wayne Police Department (Ret.)
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Terry Holmes

Ft. Wayne Police Department

Synopsis – In the early morning hours of March 20th, 2013 Kenneth Knight boarded a Citilink Bus (that had children on the bus headed to school). Knight had a shotgun hidden in a lawn chair bag. He waited for his girlfriend, Jacqueline Bouvier Hardy, who days before filed a police report and protective order against Knight. Knight taunted her while on the bus, then pulled her off the bus and shot her three times in front of kids who were waiting for their school bus. Knight fled the scene to an acquaintance house. Subjects who were inside the house fled, leaving a 3 year old inside. After police arrived, Knight refused to release the 3 year oldand a standoff occurred with the police Emergency Service Team (SWAT) and the Crisis Response (Negotiation) Team.


  • Motivational Interviewing for Crisis Negotiations

Denise Beagley, M.Sc.

Manager of Clinical Initiatives and Training

ASU: Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions

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Crisis Negotiation Training Competition

  • Date: April 26th, 2019
  • Times: 0700 arrival: NOC set-up, sign-in, role player and evaluator briefings0900 scenario briefing and startLunch (provided)

    1500 scenario conclusion followed by awards and closing

  • Location: Christ’s Church of the Valley7007 W Happy Valley Road, Peoria AZ; Building 3000

You may register for one or both days, and at join the ATOA at:  AZTAC.org.

  • One day; either conference day or training competition day: $25
  • Both days: $40

If your team will be attending the competition, your team will need to register by April 18th so we can facilitate teams with evaluators and role players. We understand that travel authorization sometimes creates delays. If your team will be attending but you are delayed, please contact either Sgt. Jeff Carrion or myself to let us know prior to April 18th.

For any questions or further information you may contact either:

Jeff Carrion: jeff.carrion@peoriaaz.gov  or Ben Wetzel: Benjamin.wetzel@phoenix.gov