ATOA 2015 Elections


The Arizona Tactical Officer’s Association is seeking interest from those interested in running for the upcoming election of several Board of Directors positions.  The current election process will focus on the following positions and will be for a two (2) year term with no term limits:

Vice President


Regional Directors – North (Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo and Apache Counties)

South (Pima, Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties)

Central (Maricopa County)

East (Gila, Greenlee, Graham and Pinal Counties)

West (Mohave, La Paz and Yuma Counties)

Qualifications: You must be a current Category I Active member of the ATOA.  Category I membership is defined as current or former law enforcement member of a tactical response team of a governmental agency, honorably retired after at least twenty years of service, or on injury disability pension.

Category III Charter members are also eligible if they meet the requirements for a Category I Active membership and have had participated as part of the developmental process of the ATOA.

Duties of the Vice President:

The Vice President shall assist the President and all other Officers in the performance of their duties, and in the temporary absence of the President, shall assume the duties of the President.  In the event that the President is removed from office, retires or resigns, the Vice President will assume the title and duties of the President for the remainder of the term of office.  The Vice President will also assume the duties and responsibilities of the Conference Chairman for the annual Conference.

Duties of the Treasurer:

The Treasurer or his designee shall receive and take charge of all monies belonging to the Association.  He shall keep record of all financial transactions of the Association, the Treasurer shall pay out money from the treasury upon approval of the Board of Directors.  Have charge and custody of and be responsible for all the Corporation’s funds and securities.  Receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the Corporation from any source.  Deposit monies in the Corporation’s name in banks, trust companies, or other depositories as by-laws provide or as the Board or President directs.  Write checks and disperse funds to discharge the Corporation’s obligations.  Maintain the Corporation’s financial books and records.  Prepare financial reports at least annually.  Perform other duties as assigned by the President or Board.  Perform all duties incident to the office of the Treasurer.

Duties of Regional Director:

 Each Region will be represented by one member from that Region who meets the requirements of a Category I or Category III Charter Member at the time of the election.  Regional Directors will represent their Region at all meetings of the Board and will work closely with the Training Director to bring requested and needed training to their Region.  Regional Directors will be responsible for making regular contact and providing information to the tactical teams in their Region in regards to training opportunities.  They will perform other duties as assigned by the President or the Board and will assist with training classes as well as the yearly conference.

Members interested in running for any of the listed positions should submit a resume and a cover letter  containing a brief summary of what position they would like to be consider for and why they are interested in that position.  All resumes and cover letters should be e-mailed to by October 1st, 2015.  Once all resumes and cover letters have been received the election committee will review each candidate to ensure that they meet the minimum qualifications as established by ATOA By-Laws.  Qualified candidates will then participate in an election process that will be facilitated through an on-line survey system with results tabulated prior to the annual Conference.  Election results will be announced at the Conference on October 22nd, 2015 and the elected positions shall take office after the Conference.  Arrangements for the installation of the new Board shall be handled by the President or his designee.


If you have any questions about the election process or any of the elected positions please contact the ATOA Secretary, Jon Brambila, at

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