General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Simunition® FX® Scenario Instructor and Safety Certification Course

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is proud to offer the United States Military, Law Enforcement and other qualifying personnel, the Simunition® FX® Scenario Instructor and Safety Certification Course.
Committed to the safety of students using their products and system, Simunition® has developed, along with FX® Marking Cartridges, a complete line of protective equipment and conversion kits. Our concern for safety has led us to include instructor-level training in the safe and effective staging of reality-based training using FX® technologies. The training also includes instructor updates and recertification.
This informative, three-day (24-hour) course is designed to provide students with substantial hands-on experience with Simunition® FX® training ammunition technology, weapons conversion kits, and the Simunition® line of protective equipment. Additionally, this course will provide in-depth, hands-on instruction in scenario-based training program development and training methodology, and will give critical practical experience to students on the best use of Simunition® training products in a highly effective, realistic, extremely safe training program.
Subjects covered in the course will include:
  • Simunition® SecuriBlank® Cartridges
  • Simunition® FX® Marking Cartridges
  • Simunition® Conversion Kits
  • Simunition® FX® Protective Equipment
Scenario-based training program development, management and implementation: Instructor Development; Safety considerations; Program components; Training objectives; Personnel requirements; Facility requirements; Equipment requirements; Scenario execution; De-briefing techniques.

Cost of classes

Law Enforcement / Other: $595
Military: $495
Re-certification Classes: $295
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