Maricopa County Regional Basic Sniper School 2013

Dates: April 1st-5th, 2013

Location: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Range
26900 W. Buckeye Hills Rd.
Cost: FREE!!!!!!

Topics Covered:
Rifle nomenclature, maintenance, fundamentals of marksmanship, sighting, optics, rifle set-up, alternative positions, S.O.P.’s, cold bore, data recording, training logs, low light drills, marksmanship drills, urban hides, vehicle hides, desert hides, barrier presentation, wind and mirage reading, rapid deployments, vehicle gear set-up, communication drills, etc……

Requirements/Equipment Needed:
1. Open to current LE, corrections, and military snipers who are currently assigned to the position of sniper. (All students credentials will be verified)
2. Assigned duty rifle with 400 rounds of ammunition
3. Backpack or deployment bag
4. Rear bag, sand sock, or bean bag
5. Ghillie suit or camouflage gear for stalking exercise
6. Adequate range attire to include rain gear if needed
7. Eye and ear protection
8. Binoculars or spotting scope (can be borrowed if student needs)
9. Range finders
10. Data book or note pad
11. Food and water for each day

Registration Paperwork due by March 25th
Registration paperwork can be sent to:
Deputy Mike Puente
Phone: 623-696-6833
Fax: 602-278-1657


April 2013 Basic Swat School Flyer
sniper school registration form
sniper school waiver

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