MESA SWAT HRT School 4/6-4/9/2020

This annual school has been an integral component in our training and member selection.  The school is successful because students like you have chosen to attend and give maximum effort for 4 straight days.  The training tempo is high, and instructors work hard to impart training based on our experience.

Our upcoming HRT School is scheduled for April 6 through April 9, 2020. The school will commence at 0800 hours on April 6 at our Special Operations Building.

This school is considered advanced and students should have experience on their agencies SWAT team and substantial tactical ability.  The training days, while defined and reasonable in duration, are demanding.  Substantial levels of fitness are expected. 

To attend you must be a member of your agencies’ Tactical Unit and have approval from your Tactical Commander in order to attend.  Non-tactical team officers may also attend with approval from their department’s Tactical Commander and approval from us.  Please have your Tactical Commander email me from his/her agency email account with their approval to attend.   

Training topics include:

Hostage Rescue Overview

Hostage Rescue Tactics

Post Assault Procedures

Diversion Devices

Team Movement Single/Multi Room



Sniper Initiated/Coordinated Entries

Live Fire House

Single/Multiple Suspects/Hostages

Hasty/Emergency Rescues

Planned Deliberate Rescues

There are several lodging accommodations in the area.  Students are encouraged to bring their lunch/food if possible, every day.  This increases our training time.

Ms. Bonnie Scaccia Special Operations/SWAT Support Specialist

All questions administrative in nature including payment should be directed to our SWAT Support Specialist, Ms. Bonnie Scaccia. 

The cost to attend is $450 per person or $400 for Arizona Tactical Officers Association members.  Each attending agency is responsible for tuition, travel, lodging, per diem, and equipment expenses of its attending members associated with this training.  Please send tuition money as soon as your enrollment is confirmed.  A check payable to the Mesa Tactical Team is acceptable.  Again, all payments are handled by Ms. Scaccia. 

All questions tactical in nature regarding the school including equipment should be directed to the MPD SWAT Officer in Charge of the HRT School.  Please contact Officer Daryl Woodward early if you have equipment needs so he can assist well before the school starts. 

Officer Daryl Woodward #15726

Please refer to the following pages for equipment requirements and other important information. 

Each member attending training is required to have:

Department SWAT Duty Uniform

Body Armor and Ballistic Helmet

Nomex Gloves

Primary Weapon AR-15 style or equivalent

Secondary Weapon Semi-Auto pistol

Lights attached to both weapons

Appropriate Tactical Footwear

APR (Gas Mask)

Hat for Range Training

Eye and Ear Protection

Weapons and Ammunition

Instruction is based heavily around the AR-15 style of weapon and common US law enforcement semi-automatic handguns.

Force on Force (Simunition) scenarios are prevalent at this school.  Please bring your own force on force (Simunition) weapons.  Contact the Officer Daryl Woodward if you need to borrow these training weapons.

Below is a list of required equipment and ammunition Per Student.  Any questions contact Officer Daryl Woodward. 

  1. Primary weapon (M4 style) with Sling + 3 magazines with 1000 total rounds of ammo. 800 training rounds and 200 frangible.  Frangible must not be jacketed.
  2. Handgun with holster + 3 magazines with 1000 total rounds of ammo. 800 training rounds and 200 frangible.  Frangible must not be jacketed.
  3. Breaching shotgun (if you have one)
  4. 4 Diversionary Devices. (Per student)
  5. 12 Diversionary Device “poppers.”
  6. 300 – UTM marking rounds for your force on force weapons.  PER STUDENT PER WEAPON SYSTEM
    1. Please bring to registration

Any questions please call our Support Services Specialist or the MPD SWAT Officer in Charge of the school.

Please pay special attention to the following final page of this letter.

Thank you


We believe safety is our priority and we expect it to be the same for our students.  At the beginning of each day we will issue a safety brief and attendance is mandatory.  If a student misses this brief he may not be allowed to participate.  The safety brief will be similar to the following:

Daily Safety Brief Four Firearms Safety Rules All weapons are loaded Finger straight along the frame until on target and decided to fire Don’t point weapon at anything you don’t intend to kill or destroy Know your backdrop and beyond Applies equally to Simunition weapons Know where your team is when searching.  Don’t clear into team. See Rule #4Load and Unload all weapons safely near berm or approved backdrop. All muzzles (Simunition weapons apply) shall be pushed past fellow officers with no chance for officers in front to step into your line of fire. Everyone is responsible for safetyAll violations are grounds for removal from course Emergency Medical Plan in case of injury

Students are expected to be proficient with their primary weapon (AR-15/M4 style) and handgun before the HRT School.  Clothing shall be tactical style in nature, long pants, and appropriate shoes. No shorts are allowed.

Please remember the HRT School involves periods of high intensity work involving running, carrying extra weight and gear and long working hours. 


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