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12th Annual ATOA Tactical Conference and Vendor Show – October 26-27th, 2022

LOCATION – Christ Church of the Valley


Hello everyone. The ATOA is happy to announce the launch of our vendor registration for our 12th annual ATOA conference. This year we are changing it up a little on the conference days, with our conference taking place on October 26 and 27 at the CCV Church in Peoria. As you know we have tactical officers from around the state and region, with many of these being decision makers on equipment and services. In addition, we invite the local Chiefs, Sheriffs and any peace officers who are interested in attending. ATOA works to maximize the time our attendees get to spend with our vendors, which makes this one of the best shows for all of you to interact with your customers.

There are 3 main sponsorships available again this year, which are (see attached vendor packet for complete details):

·         Silver, which is a 8×10 space with one 6’ table and two chairs, 2 conference lunches. Price $450

·         Gold, which is a 8×20 space with two 6’ table and four chairs, 4 conference lunches, company name/logo on overhead scrolling banner, company marketing materials allowed in attendee give away bags, preferred booth locations. Price $700

·         Corporate, which is a 10×20 space with two 6’ table and four chairs, 8 conference lunches, company name/logo on overhead scrolling banner, company marketing materials allowed in attendee give away bags, listed as corporate sponsors on web page and Facebook/Instagram, listed at conference as breakfast sponsors, preferred booth locations. Price $1400

We also have a few outside locations available, which allow for a vehicle or trailer to be displayed. Price $700

  • We are looking for any vendor/company that would like to step up to provide the lanyards and conference ID’s as well. We are hoping for the two point lanyards with a plastic sheath to hold the conference ID. Please email me direct if you would like to help on this.

Lastly, and because we are growing,  we have additional booths that will be located outside under the ramada if we fill up inside. These spots will be opened up for purchase only if needed.

Additionally, this year there is both a breakfast sponsorship and a lunch sponsorship available that can be purchased in addition to a Gold or Corporate booth. These two sponsorships will assist ATOA in providing both meals for our attendees. These sponsorships allow your company to be displayed as the breakfast or lunch sponsor. Additionally, you will have  a 5 minute stage presentation on our main stage with all attendees. Price $500 

To view and purchase the available spaces, please follow this link:

If you hover over a particular booth, it will show if it is available. If it requires a “reservation code” to purchase, then that particular booth has been reserved already by one of our returning or long standing supporters. Additionally, if you need to purchase meals beyond the allotted amount included with your package, you will be able to add those on during the registration and payment. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a Vendor Information packet (same as attached), which outlines specifics for you on set-up, break down, etc.. Once you select your booth, it enters our system and I then assign that booth to your company. In the cases that two companies ask for the same booth, I generally assign it by who requested first. If that happens, I then reach out to the second company for another booth choice. We look forward to seeing you all in October, and be sure to sign up sooner rather than later as we anticipate selling out early this year.

Additional Info:

  • We will have some ability to provide electricity to the booths located closest to the walls, and will do our best to provide the same for those on the interior (as we did in the past)
  • Part of the registration process will require a company logo or image to be uploaded. Please make sure you do this with a picture that has good resolution, as we use these for the overheads and any printed materials on site.
  • The “ship to” details for any vendors sending items ahead of their arrival are in the attached vendor packet.
  • Chairs come with the booth, but you will need your own table cover(s)

Book your hotel at the link below by Friday, September 23, 2022 to get the group rate: