Dates: November 26 through December 7, 2012

Location: 10001 S. Wilmot Rd. Tucson AZ, 85756

The school is free of charge, we just ask that attendees are currently certified peace officers in the State of AZ and members of their agencies tactical team and currently assigned to the Sniper Unit.  This is a Basic Sniper course that will include intermediate elements as the training progresses.

Topics include

Use of Force

Role of the Sniper

Equipment and Maintenance

Marksmanship Fundamentals

Zeroing out to 600 yards

Scope Use

MOA / Mils

Conventional / Unconventional / Barricade Shooting Positions External Ballistics Camouflage and Concealment / Stalking and Hide Construction Land Navigation Moving Targets Target Identification Low Light Shooting Sniper Initiated Assault Intermediate Barriers

The equipment list includes all assigned sniper equipment, some of which includes:

Rifle and Scope capable of sub MOA groups at ranges to 600 yards Approx 750 rounds of ammo Data Book Deployment bag Binoculars Cam / Concealment equipment Compass PT gear Map Cover BDUs or Unit assigned Tactical Uniform Pen / Pencil Paper Any other equipment assigned or deemed necessary by the student


Sgt. Eric Kazmierczak

Tucson Police Department

Office of Internal Affairs

270 S. Stone Ave.

Tucson, AZ 85701

Desk: (520) 837-7711

Pager: (520) 291-7377

Cell: (520) 991-3770