ATOA Intermediate Sniper Course – CLASS IS FULL!!!!

Intermediate Sniper Course


Instructors:              Instructor cadre comprised of members from the ATOA Sniper SME Committee.


Topics:                     This course is designed as an intermediate sniper course and will require the student to have completed at least a basic level sniper course. Topics will include: 100 to 1,000-yard doping, positional shooting to include support side, bullet effect on barriers, hostages, moving targets, unknown distance, snipers job in a tactical track, night shoots, multiple team drills, and more.


Requirements:        1. Rifle with scope capable of shooting one MOA or less

  1. 600 rounds of rifle ammo
  2. Duty gear
  3. All equipment that you would deploy with on a callout
  4. Gas mask
  5. Handgun with 50 rounds
  6. Wet weather gear
  7. Flashlight
  8. N.V.G., if available
  9. Data books
  10. Pens
  11. Rangefinder
  12. Cleaning equipment
  13. Any other equipment needed


Cost:                          Training is free and limited to ATOA members (Limited to 14 students)


Date & Time:            December 7th – 11th, 2015 (Students need to report in on the 6th to have their rifle chronographed by an instructor prior to the start of training)


Location:                  Wickenburg, Arizona (remote area outside of town)


Lodging:                   Instructors and students will be camping at the training site.


Registration:            Register with Jon Brambila at

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